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SUSNFS Annual Business Meeting
SUSNFS Officer election results!  Vote for by-laws changes!  Briefs on status of the society!  Buy tickets for the annual social!  It's all here at the annual business meeting!

Sunday 11 May from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.  in a room to be announced, Sheraton Hotel

Uniform:  Civilian

Annual Navy Luncheon
 Hear updates on your society!  Eat lunch and swap sea stories!  Guest speaker to be announced!  Buy tickets at when you register for AsMA, or upon your arrival in New Orleans.

Monday 12 May from Noon to 3:00 p.m. in a room to be announced, Sheraton Hotel

Uniform:  Summer White/no cover (links:  Men / Women)

Fifth Annual SUSNFS Evening Social - May 14th
Take advantage of this great opportunity!  Cost is only $30 for SUSNFS members and $35 for non-members, and the event features dinner, a presentation on the historical perspective of operational medicine, and an evening tour of the USS Constitution!  Tickets will only be available at the SUSNFS table at the conference, and they typically sell out fast!  For more information, see the latest issue of Contact, and check out

Wednesday 14 May from 6:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. at the Commandant's House, abreast of the USS Constitution

Uniform:  Civilian

Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) 78th Scientific Meeting - May 11-15
Get the latest in scientific advances and research in Aerospace Medicine at the conference in Boston, Massachusetts from May 11 through 15.  This is where the leaders in aerospace medicine present the latest research, and you can learn everything from aviation medicine history, to the latest human experiments, to the medical aspects of missions to Mars.  There are also several official luncheons, SUSNFS official events, as well as the Annual SUSNFS Evening Social (see information above).   For more information, see the Aerospace Medical Association's official website at

Uniform (Conference):  Summer White/no cover (links:  Men / Women)
Uniform (Honors Night O3 and below):  Dinner Dress White/no cover (Jacket optional) (links:  Men / Women)
Uniform (Honors Night O4 and below):  Dinner Dress White Jacket/ no cover (links:  Men / Women)


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